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Nutritious Snacks That Fuel Employee Productivity

Nutritious Snacks That Fuel Employee Productivity

Anyone who’s worked in an office (or just about anywhere) is familiar with the afternoon slump. Lunch was a couple hours ago, which means it’s time for a blood sugar drop and the side effects that come with it: brain fog, trouble concentrating, and being so tired you can barely keep your eyes open. If you’ve skipped breakfast, you may have an even more difficult time keeping your energy up. 

Employees who can dodge the 2 PM slump have more clarity and energy to complete their work. One of the best ways to keep your energy up all day long is by making conscious choices about the food you’re eating. Here’s how nutritious snacks will keep your team more energized and productive.

High Energy From Complex Carbohydrates

When we need a quick boost of fuel, many of us reach for the carbs. There’s nothing wrong with this approach in theory; the body can process carbs quickly and give us that boost of energy right away. But foods that contain simple carbs – pasta, sugary food, highly processed breads and baked goods – are notorious for causing a slump shortly after snacktime. You can avoid an energy drop by consuming complex carbs, which take a little longer to break down while still providing a quick boost. Snacks with ingredients like whole grains, starchy vegetables (think sweet potato), and legumes are a great option.

Minimizing Sugar Spikes

Our blood sugar fluctuates throughout the day and is hugely affected by what we eat. To avoid dips in energy, we should strive to minimize spikes caused by a meal. After all, what goes up must come down, and after a spike comes the crash. If you can keep your blood sugar within the optimal range all day long, you won’t feel as sluggish once 2 PM rolls around. 

Since they are simple carbs, sugar and sweeteners are some of the biggest contributors to blood sugar spikes and crashes. But don’t worry – if you have a sweet tooth, you can still enjoy snacks, drinks and desserts. Certain sweeteners are much easier on your blood sugar, especially when paired with other whole food ingredients. Keep an eye out for desserts that are sweetened with monk fruit, stevia, erythritol, and other natural sweeteners that won’t cause a crash.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle At Work

Many of us follow certain personal guidelines to stay healthy, which means we can’t all eat the same foods. At work, some of your team members may not be able to eat certain snacks due to allergies and other health conditions. If they forget their lunch or need an afternoon energy boost, a traditional vending machine isn’t an option. But with Nosh Posh’s healthy, energizing snacks for workplaces, there’s something for everyone! Our healthy vending machines are stocked with healthy, allergen-free snacks that adhere to a range of diets, from paleo to gluten free. We also offer snack box deliveries for workplaces in Minnesota that want to offer their employees and clients high-quality, delicious snacks. Check out our offerings!