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Nosh Posh

In-Office Snack Program

Fuel your workday with healthier, unique, and more nutritious snacks — delivered directly to your office or your doorstep. 

What’s the Nosh Posh
In-Office Snack Program?

Our In-Office Snack Program provides employers with a completely curated snack program. Whether you’re sending your remote team a thank-you gift or stocking your office pantry, our Snack Program is here to help.

In-Office Snacks

Keep your break room stocked with healthy, delicious snacks delivered directly to your office every month. Your team will absolutely love our in-office snack program!

Vending Machine

Place a Nosh Posh vending machine at your office or business, expertly stocked with unique and flavorful snacks, beverages, and prepared meals (coming in 2023). 

Special Events

Need individual snack boxes for a special event happening in your office? We can provide snack boxes for your trainings, seminars, and special in-office events!

What's in each delivery?

Snack Breakdown

While the products in our In-Office Snack Program rotate quarterly, each delivery usually contains these product types.

Snack Box Delivery for Remote + Hybrid Workers

Show Your Hybrid Team Some Love

Show your remote or hybrid team some snack love by sending a Nosh Posh snack box. Perfect for celebrating a work anniversary, a big win, or a birthday.

In-Office Snack Program