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Vending Machines

One of the best ways to support your employees and your patrons with healthy convenience is with a Nosh Posh Vending Machine.

It's a Game Changer

The Nosh Posh Vending Machine

Fully refrigerated, the Nosh Posh Vending Machine offers an assortment of different drink selections and food selections. When you place a Nosh Posh vending machine in your space, there is no cost to you. 

During the first month of installation, our team maintains and restocks the machine weekly to ensure the snacks and beverages enjoyed by your members or employees are available. Once we’ve assessed the top-selling items, we transition to bi-weekly restocking.  

We know you'll love our vending machines as much as we do — we're currently still in a pilot phase, submit our vending machine intake form and schedule an initial inquiry meeting to get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a Nosh Posh vending machine is right for me? 

To determine if a vending machine in your space is a viable option, consider the following questions: 

• Do you have consistent traffic in your space? 
• Does your team have limited access to food in the surrounding neighborhood? 
• Does your team have an interest in additional snack options? 

If you’re still unsure, reach out to Nosh Posh and we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you.   

What snacks are available in my machine? 

We offer a variety of rotating snacks, all sourced from BIPOC- and women-owned businesses across the globe. Choose from brands like Symphony Chips, Pipcorn, Sweetroovi, Hfactor, and Life Juices. In 2023, we will begin offering fresh foods in the vending machines.

How much does it cost? 

We cover all setup, installation, and maintenance costs of our vending machines. You are respoonsible for providing electricity, Wi-Fi, and hungry snackers!

Can I buy a machine from you?

No, we don’t offer machines for sale. When you add a Nosh Posh vending machine to your space, we own and operate the machine.

Nosh Posh Vending Machine

Are you ready to get started with a Nosh Posh vending machine? Contact us to get the ball rolling.