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BIPOC and woman-owned businesses

Find These 4 BIPOC and Woman-Owned Brands in Your Monthly Snack Box

We’re passionate about offering snacks made with high quality and nutritious ingredients, but providing our customers with these healthy snacks is only one of the values driving Nosh Posh. We also strive to support underrepresented demographics in the food industry. That’s why we exclusively partner with BIPOC and woman-owned businesses to bring our customers the best products from around the world. 

Here are four of our favorite brands that have appeared in our monthly and bi-monthly Nosh Posh Classic snack boxes and vending machines. 

Fully Charged Allergy-Friendly Snacks

Fully Charged was founded in 2009 in a small kitchen in the Pacific Northwest by a mother/daughter duo who wanted to make mindful snacks that are safe for almost anyone to enjoy. This BIPOC and woman-owned business produces dessert snack favorites such as mini muffins, brownie bites, and donut drops. They are gluten-free, vegan, and free of the top 14 common food allergens. Fully Charged is all about balancing a healthy lifestyle while making room for indulgences. This philosophy fits perfectly with Nosh Posh’s mission!

Biena Snacks

Biena was founded with the goal of creating snack foods that are full of nutrition while still tasting great. Their snacks pack a nutritional punch by channeling the plant power of chickpeas. This makes Biena’s products protein- and fiber-packed, leaving snackers feeling energized and keeping them full for longer. Their new Tasty Thins come in flavors like Hawaiian BBQ and Tuscan herb, offering a lighter alternative to potato chips.

Twrl Milk Tea

Twrl Milk Tea is a company that focuses exclusively on canned milk tea. Their tea is ethically sourced, and the end product is plant-based and organic. One of the biggest draws is that you can drink this milk tea hot or cold – both options are delicious. Flavors include traditional black tea, jasmine pu’erh, and hojicha roasted green tea. 

Perfection Snacks

This woman and Native American owned company offers a wide variety of gluten free, all natural snacks. From pretzels to tortilla chips to cheese curls, all of Perfection’s snacks are kosher certified, soy free, and made with Non-GMO sourced ingredients. They also have several kinds of vegan snacks for all the plant-based snackers. This company is always innovating – some of their newest offerings include gluten free seasoned tortilla chips and corn chips.

Our snack boxes (which can be delivered bi-weekly or monthly) are the perfect samplers for snackers who’d like to try a variety of new brands! We rotate our selection of healthy snacks on a quarterly basis. Check out our snack boxes and contact our team if you have any questions!