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Meet Our Vendors

How We Source Products

We believe in breaking down barriers to entry and expanding equity for BIPOC and women-owned brands in the food space. We’re proud to partner with so many incredible small businesses to source our snacks. 

Why It Matters

For many marginalized small business owners and founders, breaking into the CPG space can be daunting, overwhelming, and nearly impossible. As a company, we are invested in bridging access for BIPOC and women CPG founders and facilitating new opportunities to bring their products to market. 

Brands We Love

Vendor Spotlight

Fully Charged

Meet the Vendor

Fully Charged

Have you ever been out and about, grabbed a dessert snack, and had a harsh throat reaction, stomach ache, nausea, fever, or even rash after eating it? Have you traveled with a loved one who wanted to grab something quick, convenient, and clean but was limited in snack options, so they decided to wait for the next big meal? Have you watched every Youtube and social media videos, yet your baked goods don’t come out as directed, and your trial and error become time-consuming and expensive?

Fully Charged Allergy-Friendly Snacks is a mother/daughter, women, and minority-owned dessert snack manufacturing business producing modern dessert snack favorites such as mini muffins, brownie bites, and donut drops. They are gluten-free, vegan, and free of the top 14 common food allergens.

Our story began in 2009 in a small kitchen and basement office in the Pacific Northwest. With only one desk and next to no free time because of a new baby, our brand was born. Our desire and passion for balancing a healthy lifestyle while making room for indulgences gave life to our delectable dessert snacks, and we have not looked back.

Inspired by seasonal fruits, rich chocolate, and powdered flavors, each dessert snack represents what we love; quality, simplicity, and integrity in our products. Fully Charged Snacks are handcrafted in small batches in a dedicated allergy-free manufacturing studio using only the best organic ingredients, fresh baked and never frozen. We seek to blend classic dessert recipes and modern flavors to create something very-special representing what we love and the reality of the world we live in; which is the added convenience of not having to stand in the kitchen and make it yourself.

Fully Charged Allergy-Friendly Snacks takes the guesswork out of choosing a dessert snack that is mindful and safe to enjoy. Who knew healthy eating could taste this good? Fully Charged Allergy-Friendly Snacks. You won't taste the difference, but your body will.

Meet Our Vendors

Interested in working with us? 

Want Nosh Posh to carry your product? We love samples and we’re always looking for new BIPOC- and women-owned snack brands to partner with. 

You can send your products to:

ARDEN HILLS, MN 55112-1961