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Healthy and Convenient Snacks in Minneapolis, MN

Nosh Posh - Healthy + Convenient Snacking

We all love a good snack – most of us reach for something to munch on at least once a day. But anyone who likes to snack knows that it’s easy to fall into the trap of mindless eating. When you’re snacking on foods that don’t make your body feel good, you may get stuck in a cycle of constant hunger. Luckily, we’ve figured out the key to mindful snacking: healthy, high quality snacks!

More and more snackers in Minneapolis are looking for healthy, ethically sourced brands to support. It can take time to research brands and purchase these snacks on your own. The solution is Nosh Posh! We take all the guesswork out of buying snacks by researching and partnering with small businesses that prioritize healthy ingredients and ethical manufacturing. We strive to promote equity in this industry by working exclusively with BIPOC and woman-owned businesses. Nosh Posh offers several convenient ways for individuals and workplaces in Minneapolis to experience the joys of ethical and nutritious snacking.

Snack Box Subscription in Minneapolis

Would you like to have a carefully curated selection of healthy snacks delivered to your door monthly or bi-monthly? Who wouldn’t! Nosh Posh offers Minneapolis snack boxes filled with delicious snacks from BIPOC and woman-owned brands we love. Each Minneapolis healthy snack box features products from 5-7 brands, all sourced from BIPOC and woman-owned businesses. We offer gluten free, non-GMO, kosher, and paleo friendly snacks that are suitable for almost any diet. 

Our Minneapolis snack boxes are great for families and remote workers who need healthy snacks at home. They also make a great gift! You can sign up today to start getting your snack boxes delivered once or twice a month. If you’re not ready to commit, make a one-time purchase to see what you have to gain by choosing a Nosh Posh subscription. Check out our snack boxes.

Minneapolis In-Office Snack Program

Nosh Posh’s in-office snack offerings are a great way to keep your break room stocked and your employees happy. We offer thoughtfully assembled snack boxes that offer something for everyone, regardless of their dietary needs. Our snacks are sourced exclusively from BIPOC and woman-owned companies that ethically produce their foods using fair trade standards.

Our in-office snack boxes are delivered to our clients bi-weekly or monthly, so you can decide the best way to use your snacks: for an important client meeting, during an employee get-together, or just to keep on hand for daily snacking. We also own and stock healthy vending machines in the Twin Cities for workplaces. We’ll be adding more vending machines soon, so learn more here

Healthy Vending Machines in Minneapolis

Many companies are looking for a Minneapolis vending machine for the office. Companies in the hospitality and retail industries are also interested in providing their clients access to the convenience of a vending machine. With the desire for healthy snack options on the rise, the standard vending machine fare just isn’t cutting it anymore. That’s why Nosh Posh’s healthy vending machines are a brilliant option. Both employees and patrons will benefit from the diverse offering of healthy snacks in your company vending machine. Your team members and customers will feel good about supporting BIPOC and woman-owned companies that create their products ethically using fair trade standards. And this is all while eating foods that stave off the dreaded afternoon slump!

The logistics of hosting a Nosh Posh vending machine in your Minneapolis workplace couldn’t be easier. During the first month of installation, we’ll restock the machine weekly so we can take stock of the snacks and beverages enjoyed by your members or employees. Once we’ve assessed the top-selling items, we transition to bi-weekly restocking. Since we own and operate our machines, we cover all setup, installation, and maintenance costs. Our vending machine program is in our pilot phase, and we’ll be expanding soon! Add your company to our waitlist

Learn More About Our Healthy Snack Options

If you’re interested in our snack box, in-office snack programs, or healthy vending machines, we’d love to chat! Our team members are happy to help you decide which option is right for your Minneapolis company or home. Contact us.