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Gift a Snack Box, Support a BIPOC-Owned Business!

Gift a Snack Box, Support a BIPOC-Owned Business!

What’s better than enjoying a delicious healthy snacks? Knowing that you’re supporting a good cause at the same time! When Nosh Posh was created, we knew we wanted to break down barriers to entry and expand equity for BIPOC and women-owned brands in the food space. We now offer snack boxes, an in-office snack program, and even fresh food vending machines, all stocked with snacks sourced from BIPOC and women-owned companies. 

Why Support BIPOC Companies?

You may wonder why Nosh Posh and our current customers feel so strongly about purchasing snacks made by BIPOC companies. There are several reasons why a consumer may make this decision:

Promoting diversity: By supporting minority-owned businesses, consumers can help promote diversity in the marketplace. This ensures that a wider range of products and services are available to consumers, which can lead to greater innovation and competition in the market.

Supporting economic development: Minority-owned small businesses often face greater barriers to accessing capital and resources than their larger counterparts. By supporting these businesses, consumers can help to promote economic development in historically underrepresented communities, which can lead to greater job creation and economic growth.

Making a social impact: Many consumers are motivated by a desire to make a social impact with their purchasing decisions. By supporting minority-owned businesses, consumers can help to address systemic inequalities in the marketplace and promote greater social justice.

Quality of products and services: Minority-owned businesses often bring unique perspectives and experiences to their products and services. By supporting these businesses, consumers can access high-quality products and services that are tailored to meet the needs and preferences of a wider range of consumers.

Overall, choosing to support a minority-owned business can have a range of positive impacts for consumers, the business, and the broader community.

How Nosh Posh Supports Woman-Owned + BIPOC Businesses

Our snack box delivery subscription gives small and emerging business owners an opportunity to bring their products to a wider market and increase brand recognition. For many marginalized small business owners and founders, breaking into the consumer packaged goods space can be daunting and overwhelming. In some cases, it’s nearly impossible. As a company, we are invested in bridging access for BIPOC and women founders and facilitating new opportunities to bring their products to market. We exclusively work with these underrepresented demographics when choosing snacks for our gift and subscription boxes.

Gifting a Snack Box

Nosh Posh’s snack boxes are filled with products that taste great, suit a variety of dietary needs, and support small businesses. They’re a fun gift for holidays, birthdays, or just because. Snack boxes are also a great gift for new parents and new homeowners. And since our boxes conform to many common diets, they’re a thoughtful gesture for a friend or family member who has recently been diagnosed with a food allergy or needs to change their diet. Some companies send snack boxes to remote employees to show their appreciation, or to clients to thank them for their business. The opportunities to share a snack box are endless. 

We hope that any time you’re brainstorming the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or employee, you’ll consider gifting one of Nosh Posh’s snack boxes to support minority businesses! 

Learn more about how our snack box deliveries work.