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Nosh Posh

In-Office Snack Program

Fuel your workday with healthier, unique, and more nutritious snacks — delivered directly to your office or your doorstep. 

What’s the Nosh Posh
In-Office Snack Program?

Our In-Office Snack Program provides employers with a completely curated snack program. Whether you’re sending your remote team a thank-you gift or stocking your office pantry, our Snack Program is here to help.

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In-Office Snack Program

Tier 1-Nosh Posh Snackin' Lite

$495 Monthly 
40 Snacks a Week for a Total = 160 pieces monthly

Tier 2-Nosh Poshin’ for More!

$795 Monthly
65 Snacks a Week for a Total = 260 pieces monthly

Tier 3-Nosh Posh Snackin' Elite

$1,195 Monthly
90 Snacks a Week for a Total=360 pieces monthly

Please note each option requires a minimum 3 month commitment, with a standard minimum cancellation policy of 30 days advance notice.

Delivery is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis Monday-Friday for an additional $25 a month.

In-Person Offices

Healthy snacks delivered directly to your office monthly. This is perfect for a client visit, a team workshop, or just stocking the snack cupboard. Read more below.

Vending Machine

Place a Nosh Posh vending machine at your office or business, expertly stocked with unique and flavorful snacks, beverages, and prepared meals (coming in 2023). 


Show your remote or hybrid team some snack love by sending a Nosh Posh snack box. Perfect for celebrating a work anniversary, a big win, or a birthday.

Ask before you snack

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship? 

Our In-Office Snack Program is available to local businesses in the Twin Cities. We charge a $25 monthly delivery fee to businesses within 20 miles of Minneapolis.

How often will I receive a delivery? 

Choose from a weekly or bi-weekly delivery depending on your office's snack needs!

If I’m not satisfied, can I get my money back? 

If your product is damaged or expired, we're happy to refund you. Reach out to our team for more information.

How do you source your products? 

As snackperts, we spend countless hours connecting with and researching the best new brands to give you a variety of products. We prioritize brands that are health-conscious and source products from BIPOC- and women-owned businesses across the globe.

What if I want to cancel my autoship? 

To cancel your Nosh Posh autoship subscription, log into your account and follow the directions to cancel. We'll miss you!

How do you handle dietary restrictions? 

All of our products are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives, gluten-free, paleo, or kosher. We pride ourselves on providing products that appeal to your dietary preferences.

How can I get additional help?

Our team of snackperts is here to help you! Reach out to our team at noshposhmn@gmail.com and we'll get back to you shortly.