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Healthy + Convenient Snack Options in Bloomington, MN

Are you tired of constantly searching for health conscious snack options for your family or business? Do you want to support BIPOC and woman-owned businesses while snacking? Look no further than Nosh Posh, your go-to source for healthy and convenient snacks in Bloomington, MN.

We understand how challenging it can be to find snacks that meet your nutritional and ethical standards, especially when life is so busy. Many of us just can’t spend several hours a week grocery shopping at multiple stores to buy the snacks we enjoy the most. That's why we've done the hard work for you. We've considered hundreds of products and partnered with small businesses that prioritize qualityingredients and ethical manufacturing. All of our snacks are sourced exclusively from BIPOC and woman-owned companies that ethically produce their foods using fair trade standards.

There are several ways to support these businesses while eating tasty snacks, from our snack box subscriptions and in-office delivery to hosting a fresh food vending machine at your office or business.

Snack Box Subscriptions in Bloomington, MN

Our Bloomington snack boxes are perfect for busy families and remote workers who need health conscious snacks to munch on while they work. With our snack box subscription, you can enjoy a selection of healthy snacks delivered to your door once or twice a month, curated just for you. Each box features an average of products from between five and seven brands – every single one sourced from BIPOC and woman-owned businesses. We offer snacks that suit almost any diet, including those suitable for individuals who eat a gluten free, paleo, or kosher diet.

Our snack boxes also make a great gift for almost anyone! Businesses have sent our snack box as one-time gifts or recurring subscriptions to at-home workers to show their appreciation, while other customers choose to send a snack box to new parents who don’t have time to shop or as a birthday gift for a snack-loving friend.

In-Office Healthy Snack Delivery in Bloomington

In addition to our snack box subscription, we offer an in-office snack program. Our thoughtfully assembled snack cater to different dietary needs and are delivered bi-weekly or monthly on a schedule that works for you. They're perfect for important client meetings, team member appreciation events, or even as a reward for employee of the month. In each delivery, you’ll receive an assortment of salty, crunchy snacks; a few sweet treats; and some snacks made of fruit and nuts. This means there’s a snack for almost anyone, regardless of their diet and preferences! Check out our in-office snack box delivery program for businesses in Bloomington

Bloomington Healthy and Allergy-Friendly Vending Machines

If you're looking for a vending machine for your office or retail space, look no further than our fresh food vending machines in Bloomington. Our machines provide a diverse range of health conscious snacks for both employees and customers. And, like our snack boxes, all of our vending machine products are sourced exclusively from BIPOC and woman-owned companies that ethically produce their foods using fair trade standards. Hosting a Nosh Posh vending machine in your Bloomington workplace is a straightforward process. We cover all setup, installation, and maintenance costs, and we'll restock the machine weekly during the first month to assess which snacks and beverages your customers and employees enjoy the most. Then we'll transition to bi-weekly restocking, but we’ll continue to introduce new products into your machine to give you even more choices.

At Nosh Posh, we're passionate about providing healthy and convenient snack options to Bloomington residents and businesses. Whether you're a busy parent, remote employee, or business owner, we have a snack solution for you. Snacking should be fun and simple, but that doesn’t mean we should sacrifice on quality! Our curated snacks are healthy, socially conscious, and suitable for almost any diet. To learn more, check out all our healthy snack options.